Can I Get A Witness?!

I had to write and remind you and remind me… we’re not alone in our parenting. Be it that you are a single mom or dad… Or just the main caregiver for the day or night… Your feedings, cleaning, cooking, laboring: they aren’t going unseen. You probably wish your children verbalized their gratitude more often […]

Accepting My Season

You know how each year has it’s seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer? We’re like that as people. We’re sometimes fully in the spring of our lives, smiles and laughter and warmth comes easy. We are clothed in a sense of welcome and radiate friendliness then comes cooler days where we are easily agitated, kindness […]

Filling the Love Tank

I have been honored to have three baby girls. They’re growing up and their personalities are blooming. I am amazed to see the wonder of the world through their eyes or at their eye level. Each child is unique and has her way to feeling loved. I believe all children require love in the essential […]