I am a warrior. Another description I’d like to agree with is Sheepdog. Fierce Bold Strong A few times I have been called scary or intimidating. With the latter descriptions, I know an example of God’s grace in my life is that I have a husband! My husband is so tender and kind yet no […]

All Eyes On…

Ever have a jet fly over and capture your attention and that of everyone around you? This very thing happened Friday at our daughters’ school!! Our eyes…parent and grandparents became fixed on the sound of the jet. Eyes upward…and too the kids did the same. Our eyes go upward and we lead our kids to […]

Can I Get A Witness?!

I had to write and remind you and remind me… we’re not alone in our parenting. Be it that you are a single mom or dad… Or just the main caregiver for the day or night… Your feedings, cleaning, cooking, laboring: they aren’t going unseen. You probably wish your children verbalized their gratitude more often […]

Accepting My Season

You know how each year has it’s seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer? We’re like that as people. We’re sometimes fully in the spring of our lives, smiles and laughter and warmth comes easy. We are clothed in a sense of welcome and radiate friendliness then comes cooler days where we are easily agitated, kindness […]