I’m going to be real here.. I’m so tired lately. Mamas be tired. Mothera have such a heavy load and at times almost impossible BUT I think I, personally, for me, why I’m done… “Put a stick in it” done… I’ve been trying to do it alone. I have told myself that I am alone. […]

My 2019 Psalms One of my favorite Psalms… I read it to finish up a devotional yet it is so fitting for everyday life. Weathering storms, highs and lows, weight loss or weight gain, sleepless nights or restful nights: The Lord is my shepherd. A Happy New Year to your family! Blessings! The Lord is […]

Keep On Singing

Sometimes what you go through is not what you hoped for or imagined and this is life! Unfortunately, we can make plans and they go awry. The crucial moment in our day to day is the perspective we take–the lens we choose to see our situation through. This morning, I experienced deep hurt and shame […]