What To Do When You Get Woken Up

I’d like to say this is a post about how to do and what to do, a results based post, but it isn’t. It’s about today! What happened today.

I did the boo-boo or the taboo or the no-no and went to bed late. As a parent: this is not a wise thing to do when you have young children. The nature of infants and young children is that they are moment to moment beings who are growing at a rate us adults in which us adults have decreased. Look at our metabolism. If you are over twenty something and near thirty, you can tell that you are changing slowly, like not losing that extra five pounds. 🙄🤣😂

So, what do you do?

Here’s what I did: kept calm and carried on. Laid down the law with love and gentleness. I let my daughters know they were up two hours earlier than they normally are so they’ll need rest time later.

I headed to the kitchen, got my Bible and journal and put on the coffee pot.

I’d HAD to shift my head and heart.

Lately, folks, it’s been lots of head (thinking and knowledge) but not a lot of heart (feeling and understanding & transformation).

So, I laid in bed begging God to put my children back to sleep because it was five in the morning and bitterness billowed. Rage roared it’s ravenous voice at me. Then I stilled my heart and said, “Okay, God. Why do you want me awake? We could talk. I am willing.”

Preaching to myself here: when I get woken up tomorrow and the next days, I am going to pray and jot notes down. Let’s be honest: anxiety has kept me up and wakes me up. My body has had four beautiful daughters. I have marathoned motherhood like no one is watching (ok, maybe like everyone is watching) and I get way too easily frustrated and bitter.

I’m done being bitter. Look me up, I have a new address: 1234 Better Lane.

Jk. I am aiming for it though.

Shouldn’t we all look for good but for GREAT? I know I want to be transformer and I want to live and see and drive in “better lane” and “great lane” and “grateful lane” not bitter, no thanks. Not just meh, or good, no thanks. Not guilty or grumpy or grumbling but grateful!

So, I will ask God, my Heavenly Father what he wants to talk about…after all, I get to hang out with the Creator of the Universe. I want to bask in his presence even if it is the middle of the night in my world. He sustains all life… he’s going to sustain me.

Praying for you. Pray for me.

Parenting is hard but you are not alone. Your story is still unfolding.


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