Can I Get A Witness?!

I had to write and remind you and remind me… we’re not alone in our parenting. Be it that you are a single mom or dad… Or just the main caregiver for the day or night… Your feedings, cleaning, cooking, laboring: they aren’t going unseen.

You probably wish your children verbalized their gratitude more often or paid you (with compliments) but you get nothing or not enough. I get it. I did get paid once and it was a whopping eleven cents from my sweet baby girl. She may have been three years old. BEST eleven cents ever!!

Or you want your spouse to notice and compliment you on that clean kitchen or kitchen table–I tried tonight, folks. I didn’t get anything! No, don’t worry. My husband is a great guy–he must have been preoccupied and our four girls overshadowed my fishing of such compliment.

I see you, though. You and me…we wonder if we’re noticed. God sees you. For every mom or dad out there rocking the parenting gig–hundreds more are doing it: they’re working unseen. Are we unseen?

No. We’re being watched. We’re being watched by the kiddos, the neighbors, spouses, friends and we got this!!

I am rooting for you. For when you feel alone–you are not alone. I am not alone. I know this: God is for me and God is with me.

When I left for college many years ago, whether on the phone or physically leaving, my parents would say God be with you and God bless you. They ALWAYS say it. I love beating them to it.

What a reminder!! So powerful and so true. So, whether you’re putting those kiddos to sleep for the night or turning over for the fifth time to nurse that growing infant: you’re not alone. I can testify. I am doing the same.

God’s word reminds us in the book of Timothy: fight the good fight of faith. Parenting: totally faith building. So fight on. Fight against apathy, complaining, and all that works against us. Remember, God is for you and he is with you. God bless you, friend.


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