Stepping Into Grace

As I considered a good day a few weeks ago and the utter disappointment I have felt some days, I consider my notes from the past. This is one reason I write. This is one reason to share. Everyday is a new one but when you can consider past victories, it can really give hope to future ones. So here’s from sometime before Christmas, first week in December sometime and my family and all “bit the bullet of sickness.”

Finally, I made it! It’s late.. after 9:30 and the house is quiet.

Sleeping, ill children and ill husband.

Pandora is playing Hymns on Piano and I just jotted down what was on my heart and in my mind.

My fingers rapidly tapped typing out words to my friend. Back and forth we went. She was so sweet and kind to be writing with such love and empathy: I am cheering you on! Keep eternity in perspective.

We all need this friend!

I am sitting here and I leafed through a page earlier. My two year old prayed last night. So sweet. 😭

How great the Father’s love. Really–I didn’t anything special to bring up this child. This is a gift. She prayed and thanked God for me.. yup. Her mama. I am glad I wrote that bit down. I had forgotten that… Until I went into my journal.

I live each day following a set of prints that were laid out before me… Ok I don’t see physically a set of size 8.5 foot prints and each direction! I do however, try to maintain a sense of connection with the Holy Spirit. So, today we survived caring for myself and the five. Praise be to God. I kept my cool and when I can do that: *Happy dance* and *Hallelujah Hands*

This brings to mind scripture saying God has prepared good works in advance: for me, it’s caring for my husband and children and abiding in him. Part of me feel like Gus in Psych with a thumb to the side of my nose saying, “You know that’s right!”

Today, I stepped into what God had for me and I am flying high.

I think we can all look for how we stepped into what felt like God had for us and it’s usually a victorious feeling. What moments of victory can you celebrate? God bless!


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