Stepping Into Grace

As I considered a good day a few weeks ago and the utter disappointment I have felt some days, I consider my notes from the past. This is one reason I write. This is one reason to share. Everyday is a new one but when you can consider past victories, it can really give hope […]

The Punishing Type

Mama, I see you sitting there with your kids and they’re frustrating. You’ve asked them so many times to do this and that. I heard you telling them if they don’t do what you’ve told them then that would be their punishment. They made you so angry, right?! I get it. I am there today. […]

Thanksgiving Where You Are

November 22nd 2017… it happened that I went into labor and we had our fourth daughter. Fast, crazy, intense would be the initial words but it wasn’t short of beautiful and amazing. Life and birth is amazing. We must never let it get old. Fast forward a day, doctors told me we’d have a forty-eight […]