Reminders, Reminders

Ever feel like you’ve gone the whole day without doing a single thing?! Like you are sedentary and lame? Ok, I am having a few of those days. Granted: I am pregnant with child number four and the running around and tending to three is plenty of work, but I still feel like I could do more!

So… what is a woman to do? What did I do?

I spoke it aloud to a friend and told her how I was feeling and I also wrote it down.

First things first: my kids were well-fed and were even entertained. Next, I did things around the house. Plenty! Does my home reflect it? Not quite…

I am happy to report that I did plenty! My friend and I weeded out back and placed gravel in a section of the backyard, I watched a friends’ two kids and did a few loads of laundry! Then I got prepared items for a potluck (and of course did the breakfast and lunch to feed myself and my girls) and packed a change of clothes for my husband so he could be comfortable and not in work clothes at our friends’ house… I could keep going… so yes. I can rest… even more right… because I wrote this online and out in the blogging world to see. Why? Because, like you… I need reminders of my worth. I am worthy because not of what I do or don’t do but who I am. I am grateful.  I get to do all I get to do! 🙂

How can you consider what you’ve done today and be thankful for who you are and what you get to contribute to society?! List them!


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