The Kind of Children I Want

What a brave or bold thought, right? 

I didn’t get to read through the blog post or do more research but simply sitting and thinking through what the thought leader, Sally Clarkson, said is that if we’re wanting to have children who are loving and compassionate we will need to model that behavior in thought and action.

This is true. So very true.

I will not expect my children to be loving and compassionate if I, myself, am not aiming to be loving and compassionate in thought and deed.

I fail. Daily…

Yet, I am willing to talk with my children when I make mistakes and try again. I want them to know loving and compassionate people are not perfect but we’re willing to say “sorry” and “I was wrong” and so on.

What are the character qualities I want in my children?

  • Compassionate
  • Caring
  • Empathetic
  • Loving
  • Trustworthy
  • Inspirational
  • Christ-like (this last one, I can model, but I am asking the Lord to make this possible… and only He can do this)

The list is not exhaustive but I want to be the first few things others see in me and my family. This is the court scene: I am standing before my God and judge and I put my hand on the Bible saying, “So help me, God!”



2 thoughts on “The Kind of Children I Want

  1. Wow! I enjoyed this. I want to start that answer in my life now to the question: “what kind of children do I want?” Even though I don’t have kids right now. Haha

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