Words To Give Life

You know the feeling of kind of shaking in your pants, or at the edge of the seat? I am there… I am here? The setting: last night before getting ready for bed, I set myself in front of the computer at the kitchen table smiling at the screen. My mom was on the other side through “FaceTime” and I told her, “Mom, I want to be a writer! I want to share stories.” You know what has been on my heart? My moms words. My mom’s words of encouragement. “You can do it. You should do it.” sums up what she said. “You pray and and you ask the Lord for words and you write and share.”  My naked thought and words now were wrapped in her warm, fuzzy, honest, and encouraging words. My mom’s words were a salve. My mom’s fleece-like words warm my bare dream! I perked up–my smile stretched from ear to ear! My mom spoke life to me.

You’re reading this thinking, “Aw, your mom is so sweet!” or “Your mom is encouraging. Ugh. Not mine, you say.” I know in sharing this heart-moment that not all can connect. Here is what I want you to connect with: you, too, can be a Sound Chan (that’s my mom’s name, btw, hehe). Has a friend shared a life goal, dream, desire that is noble and honoring and has this friend wanted a push toward the “yes!?” I urge you then, that though you may not have had the Sound Chan as a mom, but you can be the encourager!!

Let’s be encouragers. Let’s send others off into dreams that bloom, flourish and captivate the watching world. Let’s do this for the sake of God and love and truth.

What did the encouragement of my mom’s word do for me? You just wait and see!


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