I am only human

This is my pep talk… this is the good news I share with you today:
Are you tired? that’s ok: pray and ask for strength.
Feeling unworthy, unloved, and/or unnoticed? Calm your heart *I say in sisterly/motherly love*! You (can) have the one who loves you unconditionally, his name is Jesus.
Feeling anxious? Don’t be. You don’t HAVE to be… because you can pray about everything.
Do you know, believe and trust upon the name above every name, Christ the Savior?
Well… Scripture says THE PEACE OF GOD will guard your heart and your mind in Christ. The best gift of all, far superior than any technology, companion, or interest is Jesus.
In the book of John people were looking for the bread that satisfies (their bellies) and Jesus is like “I AM… I am he!”…
Not doing jazz fingers or waving his arms around saying “that’s me!!” but friends… I tell ya that he says I AM… I am he who calms your storms, gives you rest, gives you rest if you let me… I satisfy EVERY NEED …every and all of your needs..
This life is hard. We need help–I am willing to admit it. We’re only human.
Will you take him on the offer today? Even those of us who have “known Jesus” for a while need reminders that Jesus who sat with sinners and saints & met their needs is the same Jesus we need today. I need him today (and every day).
Might I encourage you to do the same… take him up on his offer to be your everything today (and everyday)?

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