Christ Does Hold Us

Two words…Brokenness and Humility

How do you take in those words? Are they easy to swallow? Do feelings of excitement flood your body and soul? I doubt it if this is a new topic and if you experienced “brokenness and humility” before it’s not easy period.

Here’s my story. I think it’s vital for every man and woman to experience the humbling and humility that is in Christ. So the story goes.. yesterday, I was having a great day… super fun and then my husband and I played a board game (we were playing Potion Explosion–super fun–by the way). I noticed that he was winning BIG TIME   as he usually does. I piped up and asked him when the game was ending if we’re doing the first way to end a game or play until all the tiles were gone. The sore loser in me broke down. I was sad, bawling…

I had this “up” day and THIS… this losing a gamethis brought me down?!  Yes… it did. You see this journey of brokenness and humility is on-going and has been going on specifically since the beginning of the year. I was preparing my heart for a conference in Indianapolis and the theme was “Cry Out” for the True Woman 2016 Conference. Who really openly chooses to experience Christ’s humbling? I did. I didn’t want to. I told my roommate the night before I wasn’t ready. How did it all turn out?


Fun? not all of it… but really it has been humbling.

In a period of two months I saw many prayers answered. A child prayed for me to be healed from sickness. Three friends saw prayers that God answered and their spiritual lives went deeper. God answered specific prayers in a matter of minutes two times. It was intense… it’s been intense.

Now this? Losing a game and being mopey. Yes… I learned that BOO: I am a sore loser and that’s ok–I am growing up. I am growing up in Jesus and that’s good. I was also moping over the tasks at hand and the hats I wear. None of this I do alone. I have the Holy Spirit and also I have my wonderful husband and family and friends. Christ will hold me fast… the Getty’s song “He Will Hold Me Fast”   is so touching and timely for my circumstance. After cleaning, praying, talking to God… I got all I felt I needed to do and spent some quiet with the Lord and it’s a new day. He’s good to me.. he’s good!



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