Date Your Spouse Frequently

I have been thinking lately about how our society, friends, and even our own selves can emphasize a big dating event…

Working with children and families, I had a dad excitedly respond to a question of mine if he takes his daughter out on dates and he answered, “Yes, once a year! I take her to the Daddy and daughter date.” My heart sank.

He was serious. I was seriously sad.

Do I stop and walk away with my head hanging? Ever? No…

My friends. I usually choose to fight and encourage with my words. I choose to speak life! So, I am doing that today…

Husbands and wives: marriage is a gift. Marriage is a union that two fallen human beings get to display a love and service to God–draw others to the Cross. Marriage is hard–we have to fight for it. We need to fight for our family and spouse stronger than any other relationship. Too often we fight for the wrong relationships.

Well, speech out of the way. Let me offer ways to date your spouse with limited time and money–I speak from experience. I work part-time, am involved in ministries, and have my wonderful hubby to love on and three baby girls to nurture and train and teach. Yes, just a little busy. Things my husband and I do to keep our friendship and love alive:

  1. Game night–pick three games, vote for one and play it… play that one a couple of times or play all three: time allowing
  2. Show night–we decide on a show or two to watch together
  3. Work near each other night… we’ll actually do something we both want to do but near one another
  4. Plan, save and set a date night… actually have a date night once a month.
  5. Talk often (connect right at the door or upon entry home)–communicate. Give and get info and make heart connection.

Fight for one another–love on one another and water your “grass”… make it beautiful!


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