Cultivating Thankfulness In The Moment

People who are thankful and grateful are pleasant–fragrance arising!

Are you ever offended when someone is kind and grateful and recognizes what they have been given? I hope you answered a big loud “NO!” Truly, grateful people are sweet. I want to being a series of gratitutde as we went into the Thanksgiving season.

Through a series of circumstances and a bit of digging into the Holy Bible, I found that a life of thanksgiving is vital for the Christian. I found that when I dwell on what God has done for me hour by hour to day by day, I can’t stop! When I go a day without physically writing down something God has done for me, I feel off. I enjoy writing. I enjoy penning blessings into my journal.

After reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I was challenged to have a gratitude journal and aimed to pen 1,000 gifts. I can share that it took about a year (perhaps a little more) and now, I cannot stop!

This season, as the weather cools and the leaves change, will you begin to quiet your heart and listen and search for those things today which are gifts? I think of the five senses, mobility, and breath–without breath, I would not be alive, without senses I would not be able to experience well the world and I am ever so grateful to be able to walk, run, skip or dance. After all, I am a young mom and care of a home of five. I am so grateful. How about you?

What can you begin to list today? Might I challenge you to keep a journal this fall. Check back in with me and we’ll go a little further and pick up on some Scripture to cultivate the heart of a blessed life.




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