Friday, July 22nd

This one is for you mamas out there in internet land…
Young moms. Older Moms. Mama!
Moms with infants, toddlers, elementary kiddos, pre-teens and teenagers…

(other moms are included… I just felt heavily for the ones with kids in the home and doing the day-to-day…)

It’s the evening… it’s bedtime… time for some quiet…do you ever question “Am I mom enough?” or “Am I doing it right?” or “Did today go well?”
I want to encourage you with words which I have been encouraged.

Recently, I started asking those questions and more; however, I directed them to God. In Him I find my self-worth, value, and purpose. I find strength and joy. Wanna know what God says about you and me, moms?
**He says, “You are mom enough because I strengthen you.”
He says:
I am proud of you.
Great job, today!
Keep your head up and your eyes fixed on me.
Look to me for strength.
Let my Words dwell richly in you.
Let your light shine.
Do it all without grumbling. Let that gentleness show…

I am so grateful.
For the days where I feel like “What is all this for?” or “Will it ever end?” or just the grumbling/complaining rears its ugly head… I WRESTLE IT DOWN… 2 Cor 10… I wrestle those thoughts and take them captive to Christ Jesus… and he says… I keep 1-T-5 (1st Thes. 5) to rejoice always, be thankful in every circumstance, and prayer about everything…

I am reminded in the Word of God, the Bible:
Sorrow may last for the night but joy comes in the morning.
He says to remember all He’s done.
He says that His Grace is sufficient for me and in my weakness, His power is made perfect.
He says that He is the Good Father… I can trust Him.

I am so grateful.
I am grateful all I do doesn’t all depend on me–it all depends on Him. Ephesians 2: all my “good”, God has prepared for me in advance and what? I am HIS WORKMANSHIP… I am a masterpiece, baby!! That means for you: you’re a gem! You’re awesome, you are HIS WORKMANSHIP, a masterpiece, mama!! You and me?? We can depend on Him. Thank you, Jesus! *It doesn’t depend on us (we do our best–and believe me, I try! Cols 3:23-24– and ask for His leading) but we need to depend on Him. It’s the only way!

Would you take a moment to do that? God is able to create the world by speaking into being. He can lift your weary soul tonight.

Thinking of you, mama and saying a prayer for you. You can say a prayer for me, too!

Doing the good things together,


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