Half-New-Years Resolution 2016

Goals. Dreams. Plans. Ideas. Pins… We all have it. If you’re breathing and alive, you’re probably thinking of such things. I have been thinking about what I have been resolving to do, think, and be… since June 1st. Along with creating new resolutions, I have been thinking on how the year has gone. A few things that have played in my mind is I remember hearing people talk about “not resolutions but revolutions” or not “resolutions but to make a plan or resolve…”

Before I share what goals I have for the last half of the year, let’s look at how I’d highlight this first half of 2016.

January 1st to June 1st:

  • Completed Bible Study Fellowship study of Revelations–Ah-maz-ING!
  • Overcame my anger and fears–no more just getting mad about things but mourning, praying, planning, etc
  • Read a series of books… –learn my best “yes.”
  • Discovered “best yes” practices and have felt so free–I have been sat down before to say “no” to things… I have a “yes” condition. I love saying yes and helping and doing and doing and doing some more. I am no longer a slave to people pleasing.
  • Homemaking and part-time work plus ministries in a good balance–I have a routine/rhythm of taking care of my family and friends and church. I am feeling good!
  • Spent time daily and created a rhythm of quiet time with God (mornings) and a re-charge moment in the afternoon–I have been enjoying my kids even more (if that’s possible) and able to connect with God throughout the day. So awesome… just sayin’!
  • I started getting active–tried out FitnessBlender via my sister, worked out one week… yes, only a week but I did it! I have been walking more and getting out and about. I am not afraid to work little by little on my body.

Summary: What a great first half! Bring on the next half! 🙂

So the plans for the other half of this year… to make BEST YESes (shoutout to “The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands” by Lysa TerKeurst. mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically:

  • Exercise–do some walking and running and jogging. Check out some FitnessBlender videos
  • Daily morning and afternoon connect and recharge–meet with God, be full so I can say my cup runneth over…
  • Be an awesome homemaker–I consider myself pretty decent now… just need to work on the enjoyment and delight and honor to serve. I’d say continue to seek the Lord on how he’d have me go about each day… little by little.  To say no to being out of my home (when it takes me out too many hours of the day…) so I can focus on little cleaning/tidying/organizing projects. Beautify and keep peace in my home.
  • Take the break from ministry for the summer–write in the margins and recharge in the Lord to build passion for God and his peoples. Pick it back up and go strong!
  • Go on more dates–yup, I am writing it down and putting out into webberspaceness… We are going to go on more dates, Clay and I. Aiming for twice a month–is that too much? I am going for two a month–CONFIDENCE, I say.

Anyone out there reviewed or reviewing their first half of the year? How would you rate it? What would you highlight? Think on the things that are good, pure, right, and noble… it will encourage you and build up your joy.

Blessings to you, friend.



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