Pressing Pause In Motherhood

I am pressing the pause button! “What pause button?” Someone of you may be asking, so I will let you in on my secret. I do a few things to press pause in my day to day as homemaker and wife (and part-time ministry leader). I find it necessary to do a literal halt. This is what is sounds like…

“Hold up, 

Wait a minute,

Don’t go there,

Cause I ain’t with it.”

I don’t know if any of you got that since that was an elementary school chant that I learned and I can’t remember what it went to.. I don’t know if we literally stood there doing a stomp and cheer when we weren’t ready to hear something or allow someone to go on with their agenda.

I find it necessary to stop and take a break. My pressing pause in motherhood is to take a break. A break is needed from loud: social media, activity, busy-ness, etc. I do that for sure on Monday at home and I also limit Facebook on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I may go on for 5 minutes but no scrolling and eating… I mean… going through “feeds.” I just can’t go there. I am not “with it.”

So, if I take a break from that do I really stop being a person or a mom? No, life goes on: I still cook and provide for my kids but I intentionally quiet my heart and the noise around so I can fix my eyes on Jesus. Picture the crowd growing, the woman with her high heels and bling, the man with the ten pumps of cologne talking with loud body language and your senses are being overwhelmed but you’d trying to keep your eyes on your loved one. Well, friend, my loved one beckons me. Jesus calls me and I say “Yes, Lord.”

I want to be like a David.. I want to be my own person to pursue time and presence of my Lord. I want my one thing to be like that of David to seek the Lord and to dwell in His House… and like Hillsong’s One Thing song declares, “All I know is, everything I have means nothing Jesus if you’re not my one thing.” I can’t be about wanting to be a good wife is I don’t have Jesus as my one thing. All my attempts will fail and fail quickly. I can’t be wanting to know and be a good mom if I don’t pursue Jesus. I want my time and practice of the presence of Jesus to spill over in all areas. *Lord, please keep me strong in my outer and inner being!*

So yes, I am pressing pause. Pressing Pause for Mamas really means quiet the other noises and voices and pursue the one who is “True and Trustworthy.”

Things I typically do… and I mention this so it’s a guide not a checklist but guides me into God’s presence.

  • Quiet my heart and turn off ringers/volumes on phone.
  • Quote Psalm: Be still and know that I am God. I omit one word at a time from the end of the sentence to the beginning until I am left with “Be.”
  • Pray (aloud, in my head, and/or journal)
  • Sing (aloud, in my head, and/or journal)
  • Sit or stand or walk (I like to change it up) and sometimes I kneel and get on my face.
  • Read scripture (I like to mix it up and do Old Testament and New Testament.)
  • simply journal… my entries look like the entries of a mad-woman…why yes… I am crazy that is why I try to center my heart, mind, and soul.

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