Mom, You’re An All-Time Producer

*A blessing to moms: You’re seen, you’re loved, you’re cherished. Most of all: You’re a child of the King. Make it a goal to be about God and His Kingdom. Live, Love, and Serve (serve out of your riches!) Our first is always Jesus; remember that your circle of influence starts with your home and to clarify that would be husband, first, and children, second. Live out your faith there.
*Moms, you’re the Greatest “Producer”… you set the stage in your home and attitude, you make the calls and cuts. You know what fits and what doesn’t… In your life and in your home you set the scene: props, actors, music, and you are concerned about the aesthetics. You’re making a beautiful movie each day. May it be unto the Lord–your audience of one. Don’t do the dishes, laundry, or any other service FOR the kids or husband BUT use it as an act of praise and worship.
*Ladies, would you pray? Would you be women who talk TO God… who talk ABOUT God? Ladies, share today with a friend what God has done for you. Be, what I call, “One T Five” ladies (one T five is how I remember 1st Thessalonians 5:18)… In everything gives thanks for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus [paraphrased].

–originally posted on Facebook but I want to share with anyone who may need this encouragement.


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