Filling the Love Tank

I have been honored to have three baby girls. They’re growing up and their personalities are blooming. I am amazed to see the wonder of the world through their eyes or at their eye level. Each child is unique and has her way to feeling loved. I believe all children require love in the essential ways:

  • physical touch (hugs, kisses, cuddles, being carried and so on),
  • gifts (the items that say “I’ve been thinking about you” or “this made me think of you” or “here’s a little something”)
  • quality time (floor time, walking and talking time, attention, and so on)
  • acts of service (doing things for them, cooking food for them, feeding them, providing for them in clothing, and so on in the practical physical and emotional ways)
  • words of affirmation (the hoorays, the good jobs, the let’s try this next time, the good tries, the words that build their character and value and worth, talking to, talking with, praise, correcting and teaching (yeses and no’s) and so on)

So, I am still a student of my family but I have learned the main love language of each child: Penny is a combination of quality time and words. Adelle is a gifts girl. Betsy is for the reasons of her being a baby and all babies do great with this: quality time. So, this student is learning to communicate my “I love you’s” in ways daily so they will always be covered in love. 

Are you curious about my sweet husbands? He’s a mix… I give him a daily dose of the words of affirmation because I need to tell him how much I adore and love him! I try to give him my time: we hang out after the girls go to bed and occasionally (every few days) buy something small, like a candy bar or favorite foods/cook him favorite foods, for him because I am usually thinking of him. *Can you see the stars in my eyes?* I adore that man!

The Five Love Languages are coined by Dr. Gary Chapman. You can find out more at:

I highly recommend watching the cute video:“>

Blessings to you and your family today. Love on one another because you never know when  you’ll go!


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