Making My Plans

So, last night I sat down and put pen to paper and wrote a list of all the things I wanted to get done for Monday. Did I get the done? Only some, but I celebrate because I completed some things instead of nothing. Celebrate the positive things, right? I was able to take some quiet time for myself, so I’d count that a win. I was able to feed my girls and myself, another win. I was able to do some dishes and laundry and care for my husband, children, and my home–that is another win.

Let me tell you a fact about me: I love to plan, goal set, and dream. We’re taking a fun four day family vacation in about a week and I have so much on my mind! I want to do so much with my family. I am so excited I could shout it from the roof tops. If you were looking at me you’d be thinking “Look at that girl, she is crazy (Excited!). Yup. Me… Smile stretched from ear to ear–pure excitement: hope, dreams, and all!

Why do I dream? Why not, is what I say! Dreaming allows me to flourish. Dreaming allows me to give life and hope to my family and my husband. Dreaming allows me to smile. Dreaming allows me to make memories and to cherish life.

My dreams for Family Vacation Weekend July 2015:

  1. Date with Clay
  2. Date with Adelle
  3. Date with Penny
  4. Date with Betsy
  5. Time by myself
  6. Eat a TON of seafood
  7. Go crabbing
  8. Play in the tidepools
  9. take lots of pictures with Clay
  10. take lots of pictures with Adelle
  11. take lots of pictures with Penny
  12. take lots of pictures with Betsy
  13. take some selfies
  14. Run on the beach
  15. Swim
  16. Worship on the beach
  17. fly a kite
  18. Visit the Strawhouse Cafe
  19. Visit the Redwoods
  20. Hold hands along the beach
  21. Take a family (Extended family) pictures (must bring selfie stick)
  22. Have so much fun that I could cry

#22 is really a dream…one of those deep memories that is created in the heart that when I look back in pictures or talk about “that one time we were in Brookings…” that makes my heart swell with gratefulness and joy. Mmm, I can already taste it.

So, what about you? Do you have dreams for today? Dreams for tomorrow? I hope to hear of them. Take care.


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