This Season’s “Bag of Tricks”

Any of you a teacher or professional babysitter? I think of you or people who would use this “bag of tricks” expression. I know in my teaching days when I went into a classroom to be the guest teacher I always had a small “bag of tricks.” Sometimes I would have a literal bag of tricks: pencils, stickers, small erasers but I always had the mental tricks down.

Now, I am no longer a teacher in the public school setting. My setting now is in this season as a mom with three little ones under four I have to have my bags packed! Prepared! Intentional! As a mommy who is a follower of Jesus and the Bible I need a daily bag of tricks. My “go-to’s” daily are Bible reading, music, prayer time (with or without kids), daily thanksgiving–I try to slow time and capture moments that inflates my heart and soul with joy, and some Revive our Hearts ministries.

What do I find having these tips/tools in my “bag” for daily work? These tips and tricks are fabulous. I am kept encouraged and centered on “North.” I feel connected to the God of the universe and to my family. I love being encouraged and keeping my heart under control. I am grateful to be able to spend a little bit of time throughout my day in God’s word through reading and devotion as well as listening to a podcast.

So ladies.. what an uplifting piece to your day? Listen to Revive Our Hearts Ministries.


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