Anger in Mothering

Anger. I need to deal with it. I am dealing with it.

I have decided that I will be intentional about my personal issues and when it comes to mothering and being a mom and being a whole & healthy person, I will work on my anger.

I did a little research on this fear and anger business. Anger is normal. Anger is manageable. I will commit to practicing ways to manage my anger. I know that I am not good at managing my anger when I have let a few things snowball. I noticed I get angry during times I feel total loss of control. However, I know I did set up myself and my circumstance for good enough… I know I feel like I am losing control. Complete reality: it’s all good.

My plan for managing my anger:

  1. deep breathing in my diaphragm
  2. visual imagery of something humorous
  3. self-talk (aloud) “relax, I understand you’re mad.. it will be alright. It’s not the end of the world. Anger won’t help.”
  4. change my environment (move into a dark quiet and cool zone to rest)

I am working on it… I am grateful that I can take breaks and rest. I am grateful that I can honest and work on my emotions and I have great support. I don’t know about you but I have to be a health mom. I want to be rested and I will teach my kids how to be healthy. I can show them they’re important and that I take myself seriously, too. I am working on managing my issues. It’s nothing out of control, but I think it’s worth it for my children to see how I manage my anger. I didn’t have anyone help me growing up so now I am left to deal with my anger issues at a 30 year old. Looking forward to becoming more healthy and emotionally/psychologically whole.


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