Me Too

You know a phrase I want to use more and be familiar with is “me too”. I want to get familiar with the diversity in the lives of others. I want to empathize well with others. I want to understand and listen and be able to do a few things when others pour out their heart: 1) shut my mouth 2) and then say “me too.”

I have been so stressed lately.

Me too.

I have had a hard week.

Me too.

I have am feeling __________________.

Me too.

How do you practice empathy and listening?

I want to exhibit and practice empathy.

The challenge I have for myself is to “…be quick to listen and slow to speak.” I think that my circle of friends and my community could be a better place if I can get myself to listen more and feel the “me too’s” of it all.

My friends and yet to be friends are too important for me to let time pass, to slip and say the wrong thing, and so on.


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