Discovering Joy In Mommyhood

Being a mommy is a gift! What a joy it is to wake up to bundles of cuteness and energy. It’s very inspiring (on most days when I can match the energy). You know what? Joy is contagious! Even when I am feeling exhausted with a newborn and two toddlers, I think it’s so adorable how children are full of joy and adventure. A design by God! 

Choosing Joy is not easy. Joy is not like happiness where you feel happy for a moment. Joy is internal and joy is a fruit of the Spirit. I can speak from experience that I don’t always see and feel the joy in parenting especially if I am not ready to wake up. Thanks be to God that I usually only experience this lack of joy or vision for joy for a little bit.

Ways I find joy in being a mom and being a mom who stays home to raise her children:

  • count my blessings; I have made it my mission to list 1,000 gifts (blessings) in my day to day. I am addicted to being thankful!! well, I am making a habit of being thankful over being doubtful, grouchy, or moody!
  • smile or sing; yup, I find that when I smile my children can smile with me. I can sing and my children know that I am turning my heart to praise instead of complaining or griping. Plus, I can’t really sing anything sad. I find that when I sing I am in a good mood.
  • play and celebrate. Adelle said to me that we should celebrate. We have a song that we play on YouTube by the Laurie Berkner Band called “Party Day” and yes, I try to make each day a party day. I am already doing in my mind and heart and writing what I can in my journal so I just pick up my kids for the ride.

Are you finding joy in mommyhood today?

I encourage you to find joy in your day to day. Whether you are man or woman, single with kids, married with kids, single or married, whatever your status may be let it be “discovering joy” because I guarantee that if you are living to find the joy in life you’re having a good time. You will have a much better time than the person griping about life. Be blessed today.


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