Joy Comes In The Morning

Our days can be hard. I think it can feel more heavy or burdensome in the evening and at night. Does night time make anyone else feel a bit dreary? I find myself quietly trying to do things and not only quietly but in the dark. By the time the beauties are down to sleep we have about an hour to three hours together as husband and wife, friends, partners, etc to just be us.

As I was reflecting this evening, I am reminded that in the night we may experience weariness, sorrow, fears, etc, but joy comes in the morning. When light hits my curtains and peers through the cracks it gently bids me… come… a new day has arrive. I can hear the sun saying,”Awaken and enter the new day. This is the day that the Lord has made. Arise. Behold, God makes things new.”

I feel rest. I feel his rest in a new day. I feel his rest in the dark. I am glad that though I have had a long day, I can rest, sleep, and awaken to a new day. New day=new joy.

How do you typically feel about a new day? What are you thankful for in having another day?


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