Making a Day Out of It

My day starts approximately 7:15AM with my daughter and my husband. My daughter gets up for a bottle or get some food in her belly; sometimes she gets up and the first thing she wants is “Dance.” My husband gets ready for his work day and spends some family time before he heads out the door.

What are my 5?

Everyday I try to do 5 (five) things. Besides meals and water, my five are:

  • laundry-I may not wash but I will put dirty clothes in piles or basket and move it into laundry room OR wash or dry and put away at least one load
  • out-of-the-house time-play group or go to the mall playground
  • something for my Premier Designs Jewelry business-training, phone calls, or emails
  • keeping things off my kitchen floor-I will let the livingroom and bedrooms get messy but my space is the kitchen
  • “feeding the meter” with Adelle-playing, acknowledging, praise her EXTRA to build her up and to minimize tantrums

I do more than just five but if I keep those 5 things up each day, I feel so good and all seems so manageable!

I find that I keep myself balanced with doing consistent business practices, balancing playing with Adelle and teaching her independence, and last it keeps me on my feet. I want my baby belly to grow, not my whole body.

My goals throughout the day are to be active, teach Adelle a routine that keeps her happy and fulfilled as well as mommy fulfilled. I want to be an intentional mommy; I get the privilege to stay at home, so I want to be honoring to God and to my husband and to my children. I think it’s important not to be glued to the computer or the TV or anything that shows my kids each day “you are not important.” I hate that feeling. Adelle is already learning about what things take up my day, but I think she knows SHE is number one. She smiles like it, grows and glows like it, and is thriving. I love her!


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