On Rants as a Mama

Nothing kills the mood or growth like complaining.

Advice: work not to plant seeds of complaining, bitterness or putting others down.

With this said: I can clearly say that when we choose to encourage, we create capability and capacity to grow and nuture and nourish life. The opposite is true too: when we complain, we cut off seedlings of maturity or buds of beauty simply by allow thorny comments about our spouse or friend or child (-ren).

I’m not a gardener but I loved the visual that I had in my mind.

Tips: husband is not doing x,y, or z… DO NOT PUT HIM DOWN first in your head & heart: fight it!! Next you wish husband to do more of x, y, and z… Pray and ask him kindly!

Examples for above: if he misses the laundry basket, don’t put it out there 1) it’s shameful. 2) I feel like it’s not quite universal but we get it… people do stuff like that and it’s annoying in the moment: ya had to bend down again and again to pick it up or you just do and do and clean and clean and no one acknowledges you. 3) complaining is an awful practice 4) put on love and gratitude 5) Literally say aloud instead “Thank you, God, for _________.” 6) refuse to entertain grumbling (it shows on our face and permeates our atmosphere) 7) Take your thoughts captive. Recognize the true emotions and desires! Seek God on HIS COUNSEL …. FOR instance “Gosh, I pick up after so and so all the time! If _____ does it again, I’m going to _______.” Recognize you feel used, feel tired, feel disappointed. You want more help etc… Identify your feelings and desires. Don’t post the picture, the shaming… No one deserves that **by the way, if you’re reading this and you tend to complain, grumble or complain AND POSSIBLY…have aired something to the tune of “this is you, tag your spouse_________” it’s not ever too late to say sorry and DELETE THE POST.

And.. If you have friends who typically complain or “rant” a lot. Be warned! Them folks will not be helpful in cultivation of gratitude and generosity.

My friends,

Let’s fight to be loving and to serve joyfully.

Here is the thing, I see it too often . Decent people getting shamed for little things over time they will be the jerk. You’ve clearly painted them that way.

So! For November, let’s go for a new you ( and me) and seek to be gracious and grateful afterall, grateful is totally more winsome, warm and wonderful than bitter & complaining folks.

As you consider this fall season: how can you drive in the lane of gratitude rather than grumbling?


Skin Hungry

Belief, Affection, and Encouragement http://subspla.sh/8jhsts7

The link above is a teaching I am currently listening to. I sure hope you log on and in and get the series.

In my life as mama, I see my precious girls need it… They love to get up in my personal space… 😍

I confess: I don’t always like it or love it. BUT I try so hard to enjoy my kids. My heart is always with them. I love them.

So.. friends, remember: let’s let them enjoy sitting on our lap and cuddle and chase them and play!

Savor the days: they can seem to go by so slowly but the years go by fast!

She’s No Longer A Baby

I know you know that if your child is walking and talking then she’s out of baby stage and in toddler stage. How about when your baby turns seven???

She’s my baby but not… Insert tears here. Wailing. Weeping. Rejoicing and so much love. Here’s the deal. I believe my children are a gift to me and as we say in the faith-circle that they are “on loan to us.” A little Christian lingo. I am merely a care taker. I am mama but the ultimate Parent is God. I am so grateful for the grace over these seven years.

My oldest is precious. I asked to hold her for one more time as a seven year old to savor her. She asked why. I told her because she won’t be smaller than she is today. She’s getting older and bigger. She used to be my tiny baby.

Oh. My heart. My eyes. Tears. I love her… it seemed like just yesterday I held her and dance with her in my arms to Coldplay’s “Yellow” and Phil Wickham’s “You’re Beautiful” with tears streaming down my face and heart filled with gratitude. Mom. Thinking back to the younger years of becoming an adult and how I was adopted in as a child of God, then privileged to be a Wife; current newest hat: mom (now mom to four daughters).

Fast are the years. Slow are the days.

Slowing down the moments don’t happen enough.

I am so thankful for my girls.

So thankful for the privilege to learn from them. *Gets me thinking of M.Ward’s song “Little Baby”…they are to me like teachers! I have learned so much from being their mama.

Now… I will go listen to Yellow by Coldplay and You’re Beautiful by Phil Wickham and M. Ward’s Little Baby *youre  welcome.

Limiting Social Media

I did it. I’ve been limiting social media use! I feel good. I go on for perhaps a few minutes on Instagram and on Facebook but I’ve managed no use on Mondays. FOMO? NO, NO. I have done other things like kept my phone plugged in and in another room.

I’ve started intentional home care, like I should. *Insert smiley face*

Why did I choose to limit my time? Because I use it too much and it takes precious time from me. Time slips from my fingertips to button pushing while my kids flock to me.

Enough is enough. I told myself: NO MORE.

REGRETS: zero.

Benefits: I found myself taking time to drink more water and sitting with my kids and enjoying great cartoons such as My Little Pony and Voltron. I journal here and there. My kids sit with me and draw or color. We’ve managed to slow down the time and I am loving it.

How about you? What things are you limiting and what things are you doing more of?

Different is Okay

Parenting. Mom vs Dad. Or Dad vs Mom. Or let’s not be against one another but let’s piece together our puzzles. My husband does things the dad way and you know what? It’s ok! Different is not wrong. Different is ok. He will do things differently and it’s ok.

Today’s a busy day. I work and come home around two and lunch is yet to be made. Lunch was on me though, I promised Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwiches) while Daddy had errands and naps for two kids and two kids to watch. My kids are fortunate to enjoy lots of TV. We’re not that sheltered.

I am enjoying watching a Lego movie with my children and I’ve sent Daddy out to hang out and play.

I get to enjoy some tea and snacks. It’s just me and my girls. I sure am thankful for my part-time work that is so fun and meaningful. I am grateful for my husband. I am grateful for my kids.

So, today lots of things happening different from the other days and it’s ok!

How about you? How are you doing? What’s a different thing in parenting journey that’s so different *it can feel a bit grating* but is different but is ok?

Summer is here!

Summer is here and I have four little beautiful girls at home. We’re done with one full week of Sports Camp where my husband and I were able to be there- he was volunteering and I was working. Our first-grader-to-be enjoyed her first Sports Camp packed with games and fun and friendship. She blossomed a bit more in this week and it warmed my heart to see.

Days allow for sleeping in or naps for mommy and either quiet play or extended TV time for my older ones.

Naps happen for the baby and Mommy by the three older ones aren’t into it. So, how do I stay sane? Sunday school answer: Jesus! Ok, humanly speaking: I do rely on Jesus but how does one woman manage a home of four little ones six and under? Rest is one thing. My morning requires making the bed and quiet time before the “electronic babysitter” , as a friend calls it, comes on. My girls are allowed a couple of episodes in the A.M. and back to playing, outside time, lounging, reading etc.

I am looking up these routines that are a must… In my home, slowing down and having a peaceful attitude is a must. Hurry and anxiety are not often welcomed. I do hurry and have anxiety more often than I’d like and that is why I am purposefully limiting hurry and anxiety.

Another practical habit that my girls have is getting dressed. I have not particular plan everyday but they get up, make the bed, and have a quiet activity then on to getting dressed. From there I get breakfast ready. It can be milk an cereal, oatmeal, noodles, rice and soy sauce, or eggs. We eat and hang out. Dreamy, right? Usually it is.

My must haves: Rest, routine that fits my girls and me, and thankfulness. I feel like if I myself am not thankful first thing and through the morning, we can emotionally forfeit our day or the vision for the day.